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Wolfeye Keylogger is a PC monitoring software that secretly records all keystrokes, passwords, chat conversations and more. The software can theoretically also be used for illegal purposes. Of course this is not allowed!
But for this reason, Wolfeye Keylogger is reported by antivirus software, because that is the task and the purpose of antivirus programs: to warn against keyloggers and other spy tools!
Wolfeye Keylogger can be used without any problem despite Antivirus software! How to use and set up Wolfeye Keylogger despite Antivirus will be described and shown in this article.


1. Video Tutorial – Download Software, Antivirus and Setup Monitoring

2. Before Download

In order to be able to install / set up Wolfeye Keylogger despite the antivirus program, a scan exception has to be set up in the antivirus program: Each antivirus program gives the possibility to define files and folders to be excluded from the scan. The antivirus program then continues to run normally, but does not scan these files and folders.                                                                                                      With the Wolfeye Keylogger, it is therefore sufficient to first select or create the folder in which Wolfeye Keylogger is to be downloaded or run before the download. This folder must then be placed in the antivirus exceptions.                                                                                    It is sufficient to put only this folder in the antivirus exception. Because Wolfeye Keylogger does not copy itself anywhere. The software stays in the folder where it resides and just creates a folder named “data” where various files are copied (see picture below).



3. Download

In order to define the exception in the antivirus, the settings of the anti-virus software (sometimes found under Extras) must be adjusted in the menu often called “Excluded files and locations”. There you set the folder, in which you want to download Wolfeye or let it run.

Where exactly these antivirus settings must be made varies from antivirus to antivirus software. And it may even be that 2 entries must be made, e.g. in excluded folder and in “Life Scan” or something like that.

If you are unsure where to make the right settings for your antivirus, promptly request a description / guide from us. Write us a message and indicate which antivirus program you are using. We will send you the instructions afterwards.


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4. Installation and Setup

In the next step Wolfeye Keylogger can be downloaded. The Software should be saved / downloaded into the folder that was previously set in the exceptions of the antivirus. The downloaded file is a .ZIP file, which now has to be unpacked in the next step. This is done by pressing the right mouse -> Extract all (see picture to the right). You will then be prompted to enter a password to unzip the .ZIP file. The password is wolfeyekeylogger.

The installation process is now complete. Wolfeye Keylogger can now be started by running the file wolfeye.exe and can be used in spite of antivirus program. By running the application, the controll window will open. Choose your spy settings by checking the feature boxes: choose If you want the software to run on windows startup, or if you want the keystrokes to be recorded and/or to record screenshots. Set the screenshot interval and select if you want the recorded data to be send to your email adress.

Start the program by clicking the “start” button once you defined the desired settings in the control window. To make sure that the program is invisible, you simply need to close the application by clicking on the Windows “X” in the upper right corner. The Software will continue to run hidden in the background!                                                                                                                                                                                                                  In order to stop the software or change the settings, you can open the control window by starting the application again with a double click on the file. Once the control window has opened again, you can stop the surveillance by simply clicking on “stop”. It is now possible to change the settings.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 To uninstall the software, click on “uninstall” and the program uninstalls automatically and is completely removed from the computer. Registry entries will be deleted and the application will delete itself, as well as the “data” folder.


5. Email Settings:

In order to set up the correct Email settings you must do 2 things:

1. Enter the right Email settings for SMTP servers and pick the right port number. and

2. you have to make a setting in the Email account to enable Email dispatch with external programs.

Example for Google Mail:

1. SMTP settings:
SMTP server:
port number: 25 or 465 or 587

2. Email account settings (for Gmail):
Once you are logged into the google account, open the following website and click on “activate” or enable “Allow less secure apps”:


24/7: Do you have any questions or need help with the setup/installation?

If you have questions or need help with the installation, send us a message: We will help you within a few hours! You can choose if you want us to support with Teamviewer and/or on the Phone. If you send us your Phone number, we will call you back. Dont forget to give us the country phone code too!


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